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The genesis of TOLEDO CAROLINA, INC. began in the early 1940’s when Toledo Scale decided to go to market differently by establishing “Authorized Distributors,” giving full responsibility for sales and service in a defined geographic area.

The Florence, SC distributorship was awarded to Mr. Ed Brown. Mr. Brown successfully ran the business until 1966 when he sold the company to Jack Greer. The business was incorporated in 1967 under the name of TOLEDO CAROLINA, INC.: Mr. Greer purchased the Wilmington, NC distributorship in 1970. In 1972 Jack brought in his brother, Grady Greer, to run the company, then Lumberton, NC was purchased. The size and shape of the company was established, covering twenty-five contiguous counties in Northeastern SC and Southeastern NC.

As the business model was changing, so was the technology. It went from all mechanical business to electro-mechanical, then to digital electronics by the early 1980’s. Toledo Scale, after a succession of owners, was bought by Mettler Scale of Switzerland, combining the world leader of electronic laboratory balances with the world leader in industrial weighing technology.

Today we are a different business and enjoy a large market share in our region, with well trained technicians and sales personnel meeting the needs of our customers and moving forward in the twenty first century. Today, TOLEDO CAROLINA is led by Bret Greer as CEO and President. We are prepared to meet the challenge.

“The Weight Specialist”