Truck Scales

Truck Scales & Weighing Systems

Truck scales and weighing systems are an integral component of a company’s throughput and profit stream.  Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day, and those that weigh hundreds, both need the most accurate and reliable truck scales and systems to ensure that their business is both efficient and profitable.

TOLEDO CAROLINA is the only authorized dealer in northeast South Carolina and southeast North Carolina of METTLER TOLEDO high performance truck scale and weighing equipment, interfaces, software, and accessories that can meet your truck weighing and operational needs. These systems are designed to be the most innovative, accurate, and reliable systems of their kind to keep your business moving every day.

Read Our Truck Scale Blogs:

VTS 231 Power cell PDX truck scale

VTC221 Truck Scale

Strongest concrete deck truck scales. It includes a robust orthotropic design and reliable POWERCELL PDX.

VTS231 Powercell Truck Scale

VTS231 Truck Scale

A steel deck truck scale supported by orthotropic ribs and POWERCELL PDX.

analog load cell truck scale

VTS100 Truck Scale

A steel deck truck scale that delivers proven performance at an affordable price with analog load cell technology.

conversion kit to powercell PDX truck scale

VKR211 Conversion Kit

Conversion kits are latest electronic weighing technology available for existing truck and rail scales. These easy-to-install kits can be used to install POWERCELL PDX in place of high – maintenance lever systems, analog load cells, and hydraulic load cells.

Truck Scale VTC

VTC 191 Truck Scale

The VTC191 containerized truck scale ships as disassembled modules for assembly in the field. A small install team bolts components of each module together, no crane is required. Next pre-cut rebar is laid and finally cement is poured. The install process can be completed within a few hours and with minimal tools or hassle.

Consultation for Truck Weighing Scales

These are just a few of our most popular truck weighing scales. With offices in Florence, SC, Lumberton, NC, and Wilmington, NC, TOLEDO CAROLINA can help find the right truck weighing scale to meet the specific weighing needs of your company.