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Precision Lab Balances – Analytical Lab Balances -Moisture Analyzers

TOLEDO CAROLINA provides precise and robust precision & analytical lab balances and moisture analyzers for the laboratory and production environment. As the only authorized METTLER TOLEDO distributor in northeast South Carolina and southeast North Carolina, our lab balances and moisture anyalyzers incorporate world-leading technology making them exceptionally accurate, fast, and very easy to use, even in the harshest environments.


Precision Lab Balances

XPE Precision Lab Balances

XPE Precision Lab Balance

Durable and easy to clean, XPE precision balances offer high readability and repeatability for milligram to kilogram samples. The SmartPan™ halves stabilization times in drafty conditions while quality management features like the new StatusLight™ give you fast, confident weighing in any laboratory.

XS Precision Lab Balances

XS Precision Lab Balance

XS precision balances help you get your work done quicker, delivering fast, accurate and stable results even in difficult weighing conditions. All XS balances are uniquely designed with a focus on comfortable and ergonomic operation, easy cleaning, efficiency and reliability and provide stable results in all conditions.

MS Precision Lab Balances

MS Precision Lab Balance

Ideal for simple, routine tasks or complicated weighing procedures: MS precision balances offer convincingly strong performance and increased productivity thanks to a fast settling time and consistently reliable results.

ML Precision Lab Balances

ML Precision Lab Balances

Compact and portable ML Precision Balances save valuable working space. A balance line featuring ergonomic design, a brilliant display, a clear user interface, multiple built-in applications, battery operation for full mobility, and of course, good weighing performance and robustness.

Analytical Lab Balances

MS Analytical Lab Balance

MS Analytical Lab Balance

MS-TS balances are reassuringly easy to use and fully support lean processes in the laboratory and on the factory floor.

  • Large color touchscreen – comfortable operation
  • Built-in applications – simplified processes
  • Warning functions – valid results

Moisture Analyzers

HB43 Moisture Analyzer

HB43 Moisture Analyzer

The HB43-S Halogen Moisture Analyzer combines outstanding halogen heating technology with strong analytical power in a compact format.

MJ33 Moisture Analyzer

MJ33 Moisture Analyzer

The MJ33 offers rugged design, basic functionality and simple operation for daily routine inspection. It is particularly well suited for use on the factory floor, e.g. during goods-in inspection.

Consultation for Lab Balances

These are some of the most popular lab balances sold by our company. However, weighing can differ greatly by application. With offices in Florence, SC, Lumberton, NC, and Wilmington, NC, TOLEDO CAROLINA can help find the right precision lab balance, analytical lab balance, or moisture analyzer to meet the specific needs of your laboratory.