Rail Scales

Rail Weighing Scales

TOLEDO CAROLINA is the only authorized dealer for METTLER TOLEDO rail weighing scales in northeast South Carolina, and southeast North Carolina. We offer rail scale weighing solutions for rail cars in motion or stopped. Using the newest weighing technology we can also upgrade older scales to ensure your weighing accuracy.

VRS 241 Rail Scale

VRS241 Rail Scale

VRS241 rail scales are versatile scales that can be used for static weighing or coupled in motion weighing. These scales can handle large loads with ease and are built to last.

7360 Rail Scale

7360 Rail Scale

7360 rail scales have the capabilities to weigh railroad cars and trucks. They can reduce costs in places where both types of vehicles are weighed because of only having to have one scale.

Consultation for Rail Weighing Scales

These are our most popular rail weighing scales. With offices in Florence, SC, Lumberton, NC, and Wilmington, NC, TOLEDO CAROLINA can help find the right rail weighing scale solution to meet the specific industrial weighing needs of your company.