Transportation / Vehicle Weighing

Transportation / Vehicle Weighing

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  • Proactive Maintenance for Extended Truck Scale Life - Planning and scheduling preventative maintenance will extend the scales life, prevent downtime and costly repairs. It pays to plan ahead!
  • Real Life-Cycle Testing for Truck Scales - METTLER TOLEDO performs life-cycle testing on new scale designs before they are sold. If you are using a truck scale from another company, you may be acting as their field test site without realizing it. TOLEDO CAROLINA has a a variety of durable and dependable METTLER TOLEDO truck scales to meet the specific needs of […]
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Accurate and reliable truck scales and weighing systems is an integral component of a companies efficiency and profitability. Toledo Carolina is the only Mettler Toledo authorized dealer in northeast South Carolina and southeast North Carolina that can meet your weighing and operational needs through innovative, high performance equipment, interfaces, software, and accessories. These systems are designed to be the most innovative, accurate, and reliable systems of their kind, and work to keep your business moving every day. With locations in Florence, SC, Lumberton, NC and Wilmington, NC contact us about finding the right solution for your business.

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Applications for Truck Scales:

Automation, Controls and Custom Software Solutions
Hazardous Area (Ex) Weighing
Recycling and Waste Management
Vehicle Weighing

Segments for Truck Scales:

Forest Products
Solid Waste