Don’t Settle for Less When Choosing Vehicle Scales

POWERCELL® PDX® load cells have set a new standard for accuracy and reliability in vehicle scales. Since their introduction in 2009, other truck-scale systems have struggled to match their performance. When we take a detailed look at a few of the differences among load cells, it is easy to see why METTLER TOLEDO vehicle-scale load-cell systems are still the most innovative in the industry.


PDX truck scale


Lightning protection

A lightning strike is the biggest risk to a truck scale, with the capability to inflict extensive damage that requires expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Other load cells

  • Include features that may reduce component damage, but rarely offer complete protection
  • May promote grounding features, but grounding alone is inadequate
  • No independent verification of performance


Hermetically sealed load-cell enclosures

Maintaining a hermetically sealed enclosure for the life of the load cell is critical to scale performance.

Other load cells

  • No way to ensure the ongoing integrity of the seal
  • Breached enclosures introduce moisture inside the load cell, resulting in weighing errors before cell failure


Stainless-steel braided cable protection

Cable damage is a common cause of vehicle-scale problems.

Other load cells

  • Single-layer low-grade stainless-steel sheathing
  • Fraying and unwinding over time
  • Limited protection from rodents and physical damage


  • Double-layer high-grade stainless steel sheathing
  • High-quality construction stays tight over time
  • Strong protection from rodents and physical damage

Accuracy compensation

Load-cell outputs can be influenced by environmental factors, resulting in hidden weighing errors.

Other load cells

  • Those with compensation typically compensate for temperature only
  • Universal adjustment often applied equally to all cells with limited precision
  • Crudely applied, using resistors in the circuitry that offer limited capabilities


  • Compensates for numerous factors that affect load cells over time, including:
  • Temperature
  • Metrology
  • Hysteresis
  • Creep
  • Individual adjustment performed on each load cell using exact coefficient values
  • Applied digitally, using patented algorithms that are infinitely precise

Don’t be fooled by other truck scales that claim to offer the same features as a truck scale with POWERCELL PDX. If you need the best truck scale with no compromises to reliability and accuracy, contact TOLEDO CAROLINA to request a quote today.


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