Ensure Consistent Weighing Quality & Performance

NEW – IND570 Weighing Terminal

Weighing can contribute significantly to final product quality. Our new weighing terminal can proactively alert you in case of performance issues and help you monitor, control and document routine tests to ensure consistent measurement quality.


IND570 Weighing Terminal

When quality is critical and weighing processes need to be compliant with standards, regulations or customer specifications, your weighing device must deliver accurate weighing results every time. However, even the best weighing instrument’s performance will decline if it is not regularly maintained.

The new IND570 weighing terminal not only provides advanced functionality for manual and automated weighing processes, but it also features innovative tools that help you monitor and control the performance of your weighing instrument.

Correct and Compliant Routine Testing
Ensuring consistent and correct implementation of required routine tests is no longer a challenge. With the integrated Test Manager GWP®, the IND570 weighing terminal helps you monitor and control the implementation of routine tests, such as those for sensitivity, repeatability and eccentricity.

It allows you to define test intervals according to your Standard Operating Procedures or an existing GWP® Verification report (based on the Good Weighing Practice™ standard). It also allows you to determine who should be alerted when a test fails or is not conducted as required. Finally, meaningful test reports ensure traceable documentation and prove compliance with quality standards.

Improved Performance and Uptime
Reliable weighing equipment is not only important for high productivity, but it is also important to ensure consistent product quality.

The IND570 weighing terminal with embedded InTouch connectivity actively monitors the performance of the weighing system. In case of performance issues, proactive alerts to remote service technicians or internal personnel allow immediate response. Benefit from reduced downtime and prevent product quality inconsistencies or possible compliance issues.

Versatile Industrial Weighing
The IND570 is well suited for a wide range of manual and automated weighing applications in harsh industrial environments, including basic weighing, static checkweighing and simple filling or dosing. On-board data storage enables efficient blending with a library for formulas, materials and containers. Choose from a wide range of communication interfaces to access the data your operation demands, in the format you want. Automate your process with fast updating digital I/O and software routines to free up operators for other assignments.

The IND570 introduces advances in weighing functionality, connectivity, system diagnostics and efficient, secure access to critical process data.

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