Self-Diagnosing Load Cells Predict Failures

Introducing the Self-Diagnosing

SWB605 PowerMount™ Weigh Module


PowerMount Weigh Scale

Load-cell failure during production can not only throw off batch quality, but it can also cost your business valuable time and money. New PowerMount™ weigh modules continuously monitor load cell performance, discovering variances before they impact productivity. This allows manufacturers to stay in control of processes and avoid mistakes before they cost money.

Without the kind of continuous monitoring offered by POWERCELL®, errors such as load cell overload, poor communication between modules, out-of-symmetry errors, and out-of-range temperatures can go unnoticed for long periods. When they do, out-of-specification batches and poor quality product are the result. Significant costs and damage to company reputation can occur.

Predicting a problem
SWB605 PowerMount™ alerts you when a failure has occurred or when it could occur in the future based on defined threshold values. This allows you to plan maintenance and services instead of simply reacting to failures, which inevitably causes lost production time. SWB605 PowerMount™ digital weigh modules ensure every load-cell deviation is discovered right away. Operators can be alerted to variances with an email, text message or log file entry.

Individual load-cell monitoring
SWB605 PowerMount™ with POWERCELL® technology delivers load-cell diagnostics data and true digital weight values that can be monitored individually for errors. When uptime matters, SWB605 PowerMount™ continuously reads the load-cell signal to verify proper functionality. Without this continuous monitoring, errors such as load-cell overload, poor communication between modules, out-of-symmetry errors and out-of-range temperatures can wreak havoc on product quality, causing significant costs and reputational damage.

It can take hours to replace an analog load cell, even when maintenance is planned. POWERCELL® load cells take just minutes to replace, cutting downtime to almost nothing. SWB605 PowerMount™ with advanced POWERCELL® technology ensures reliable production, allowing you to avoid faulty batches and to recover quickly when failures do occur.

If you would like to know if the self-diagnosing SWB605 PowerMount™ weigh module is right for your company, contact us today.

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