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Toledo Carolina: The Weight Specialists

A key component to any business is the type of service they provide. At Toledo Carolina we believe in customized service 24/7, 365 days a year. This is accomplished by offering many simple ways to contact us and a commitment to service that is like no other. We believe in working with you, offering specialized services designed to meet your needs in the most effective way possible. Here is an instance of our service being a key factor in a successful business relationship.

House of Raeford and Nash Johnson work together to provide chickens and turkeys to retailers in the food industry. Nash Johnson is a feed producer that is owned by House of Raeford. They produce fresh feed to ensure that House of Raeford poultry has extremely high quality.


Two years ago Nash Johnson was working with a different scale provider and had an issue with one of their truck scales in the middle of the night. They were unable to get in touch with their scale provider, which caused downtime issues with their production.

Soon after, they experienced more problems with their truck scales on a Sunday afternoon. When they were unable to contact anyone at their scale provider again, they decided to call Toledo Carolina. The service manager at the Wilmington office was able to have a technician out servicing their scales within a couple of hours, so that Nash Johnson could get back to work. The service was timely and effective, and has led to a good partnership between Nash Johnson and Toledo Carolina.

For the past two years, Toledo Carolina has worked alongside Nash Johnson and House of Raeford to ensure that their truck scales are up to date and fully functional. The trust established between Nash Johnson and Toledo Carolina brought new business as well. Nash Johnson invested in a new truck scale, Model VTS231 with PDX technology, from Toledo Carolina later on. Along with top notch scales and service, Nash Johnson has also received on time delivery, service from factory trained sales and service personnel, access to an extensive parts inventory, and a partnership with an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company. Nash Johnson is very satisfied with the way the service has been performed, and looks forward to continuing to work with Toledo Carolina.


Toledo Carolina is proud to work with Nash Johnson and House of Raeford, in order to satisfy their needs. Minimizing downtime cost, and keeping their production running at a high level is the main goal for Toledo Carolina.Toledo Carolina is always ready to assist any company with their service and calibration needs. Toledo Carolina is always advancing in technology and well specialized technicians to provide you with best service at any time.

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