Toledo Carolina Product Lines – Durable and Precise Products to Your Business

Toledo Carolina offers a full line of products designed to help its customers succeed, such as industrial scales, transportation and logistics, laboratory weighing, retail weighing scales, process instrumentation, and many more. Full list of products are available online at Each of these categories is filled with products specially designed to perform the tasks your company needs. All equipment is durable, precise, and offers efficient solutions for any business with weighing needs.


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Toledo Carolina weighing products improve productivity and product quality, while providing data for better control and reporting.

  • Bench Scales: Capacities from 6lbs to 1,200lbs and resolution up to 50,000 divisions.
  • Floor Scales: Sizes from micro to 79 sq ft, and capacities to 60,000lbs.
  • Counting Scales: Single and two-scale systems for accuracy.
  • Weigh Modules: Capabilities up to 200,000 lbs.
  • Hazardous: Extensive range of hazardous products.
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Toledo Carolina has innovative solutions for Vehicle segments, which will allow your business to stay precise, and on the right path.

  • Vehicle Scales and Railroad Scales: designed to meet specific use and performance requirements.
  • ForkliftScales: Saving time and money by making weighing a one-step operation.
  • Software: Powerful vehicle weighing software packages for common applications.
  • Terminal: Accumulate date, control systems, operate peripheral equipment, etc. 

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Toledo Carolina offers the best solutions and durable high quality products.

  • Analytical Balances: Provides exceptional accuracy to your business.
  • High Precision Products: Precision balances and weigh modules for any manufacturing or quality control process.
  •  Moisture Analyzer: Moisture determination at its best.
  • Ovens
  • Thermometers
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Toledo Carolina offers equipment with the assurance of safety and quality control will improve your business and make your customer more satisfied

  • Counter Scales: Tactile and PC-based touchscreen scales for smart fresh department solutions.
  • Checkout Scales: Speed is essential at checkout.
  • Self Service Scales: Easy to use tactile and PC-based touchscreen scales for self-service weighing.
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Toledo Carolina provides measurements and control of process variables with your production or manufacturing.

    • Gauges/Transducers
    •  Indicators/Controllers
    • Temperature/Humidity
    • RTD’s
    • Thermocouples


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