PDX Truck Scale

New truck scales are performing much better than their predecessors did, but what if you already have a truck scale? Many scale owners are upgrading their existing scales to get the performance of a new scale at a fraction of the cost.

TOLEDO CAROLINA has helped customers upgrade and convert older vehicle scales of various makes and models to the new POWERCELL®PDX® load cell technology. These conversions have reduced service costs and downtime, saving customers lost profits.

The cost of maintaining an older vehicle scale can increase over time. With frequent service calls and downtime for repairs, an aging scale can be a drain on a business. The price of a new scale often makes a complete replacement cost-prohibitive. However, in many cases, the issues with older scales stem from an outdated and problematic load-cell system. By replacing and upgrading the load cell system, an otherwise structurally sound scale can perform like new again. In fact, an old weighbridge can actually perform better than ever before when it is upgraded with POWERCELL PDX load cell technology.

An upgrade procedure includes replacing the load cells, mounting hardware, wiring and scale terminal. Using the POWERCELL PDX load cell network dramatically enhances the accuracy and reliability of the scale. When weighbridge corrosion is a concern, some customers also choose to have the weighbridge abrasion blasted and repainted. That helps to further extend the life of the scale.

If frequent service calls and growing repair bills have you concerned about an older vehicle scale, contact TOLEDO CAROLINA for a quote  on our popular vehicle scale upgrades.

PDX Powercell

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